We are running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise capital for further development.
We cannot finalize it until we have identified 10,000 bike owners who have indicated support for our campaign at the $10.00 level. We currently have 2,000 supporters.
To show your support, please provide your email and we will notify you once the
campaign starts.

Your $10.00 will be the beginning of the end of bike theft. You will receive a “Your Bike is Freedom. Don’t Lose It” waterbottle for your support.

Please watch our video, read the reviews and provide us with your email address so we can notify you of our launch date. Please encourage your friends to join the movement.

Thank you,
Boomerang Bike Team

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Don’t know if I am your first. My FLX was stolen yesterday.

Boomerang was charged up and activated. It sent me a signal, but I was in a meeting and did not have my phone on me. But 6 hours later when I did look at the phone, it told me where the bike was. My wife drove me there. When we arrived the bike was standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Two policemen had a guy in handcuffs. I could not believe the police were that efficient.Especially since I hadn’t even called them. Turns out the not so bright crook also stole a brand new BMW. He was putting the bike onto the car rack on the car. The cops thought it was suspicious, so they ran the plates and figured out this was a bad guy. Anyway, I have my bike back.” – Rocky B., West Los Angeles

Video Testimonial Rocky B.

“I’ve been quite happy with my Boomerang so far although no one has tried to steal my bike yet for the real test ;-).

Overall, I am very happy with the product. There are a number of features which set the Boomerang apart from similar units. These include the fact the range and sensitivity are better because the unit is mounted out in the open rather than inside a handlebar, etc. I was surprised to find that I
especially like the fact that it beeps and blinks when disturbed which even a stupid thief would realize was not a good thing to be messing with.
All in all I feel you have a winning product, which I have been telling anyone I meet who is interested.”

– Mike A, Cyclist

Why support our Indiegogo campaign

We have been developing this technology for three years and talking to the leading bike and lock manufacturers. We meet them at their facilities and we see them at Inter-bike and other tradeshows. The bike manufacturers are not developing any anti-theft technology. They do not see it as their problem. If a bike gets stolen, “we don’t get the phone call” and “we may sell an additional bike”. The lock manufacturers are waiting to see if the bike community supports electronics as a means of theft prevention. They plan to follow the market not lead with new technology.

The U-Lock has had its run. How many bikes have been stolen that were secured by a U-Lock? Our vision is to have communication between bike and owner and owner to bike. If a bike is stolen, the entire bike community in the area gets an alert. It’s similar to LoJack or Allstar for the car industry. We’re off to a great start. We’ve already prevented bike thefts and are installed in a few major cities’ bike share fleets in the U.S.

The only way we can keep this momentum is with the bike community’s support. It has to come from a new company with grassroots support.

We have a great team and are excited about what we are doing but without market acceptance the development will be slow and may stall.
You, the bike owner, holds the key to new technology being developed to prevent bike theft.

Thank you,

Kevin Fahrner
Founder CEO